Intent + Implementation

“What no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and what no human mind has perceived the things God has prepared for them.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

Our RE curriculum gives our children a guide on which to build their lives with a greater understanding of what it means to live out a truly meaningful life guided by God. Religious Education allows our children to develop greater understanding of the world around them, their sense of purpose in it whilst providing opportunities for us all to seek answers to the path that lies ahead.

 As a distinctively Christian school our aim for Religious Education is to build on our strong Christian foundations to foster a curiosity about faith, religion and the wider world. We work to ensure that children have a secure understanding of faith and belief by learning about and learning from other world religions.

We aim to develop pupils’ awareness about their own and other people’s lives to enable them to look beyond themselves and to seek answers to life’s ‘Big Questions’. Our children will be taught to be curious, expressive, inquisitive learners whilst respecting the rights and beliefs of others. Our school values are at the very heart of community and are drawn out through the teaching and learning of RE. These values are embedded within the curriculum by giving pupils the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the meaning and purpose of Love, Growth, Community, Fairness, Respect and Honesty. Religious Education at Heene enables our children to live out their lives with meaning and purpose to give our children a strong sense of place in our own community as well as the wider world.