Admission Appeals

How to appeal for a school place

If you cannot be offered a place at your preferred school, and you wish to appeal against this decision, please complete the online appeal form by visiting appeals. If you do not have access to the internet, you can call the Contact Centre on 0845 075 1007 and you will be sent a form to enable you to appeal.

If you are happy to accept the alternative place that you are offered, you do not need to appeal. You can also accept the school that you are offered, and appeal for a place at your preferred school at the same time.

The appeal is heard by an independent panel and any decision they make is binding on the admission authority, the school and you.

The School Admission Appeals Parents' Guide and a link to the online appeal form are both below.

You will need to complete a separate appeal form for each school, with individual reasons why you are appealing for that school.

Below is a provisional schedule for Heene Primary School appeals. Please note that these dates may change. You will be notified by the Appeals Administrator of the actual date of your appeal.

Appeals Timetable
County allocation date: 16/04/24
Deadline for Appeal (to be heard for Sept start): 24/05/2024
Appeal date for Heene: June/July 2024 (date is subject to change)
Any appeals lodged by parents after the deadline will still be heard but are unlikely to be allocated a hearing date until September when schools return after the summer break.

Any In-Year Appeals, will be heard on dates and times in agreement with Legal Services and School.

WSCC - Online School Appeal Form