Year 6 -Transfer to Secondary School - September 18

Before you apply

This information only applies if you want to apply for this September for your child to start year 7 at secondary school as they are in year 6 at a primary or junior school.

If your child needs a school place in a different year group or at another point in the year, you need to apply to move schools.

Before applying for your child's secondary school place, you must read the Information for parents booklet which gives you all the information you need about the application and allocation process.

The Information for parents: Admission to secondary school 2018/19 booklet will be available shortly.

You can find out about a school by:

It is the responsibility of parents or carers to apply for a school place. You do not need to have a letter from the County Council.


Find your catchment area school

Use our map to find your catchment school.

Find your catchment area school

If you want your child to be considered for a place at their catchment school you must include this as one of the 3 preferences on your application.


Applying for a place

You can apply if your child is due to start secondary school in September 2018.

A link to the online admissions system will be available from 9.00am on 11 September 2017. The deadline for applications is Tuesday 31 October 2017.

Important things to remember when applying

  • You can apply for up to 3 different schools. You must rank the schools in order of preference. The first school should be the one you would most like your child to go to.
  • We advise that you use all 3 preferences and enter your catchment school as one of your preferences.
  • If you apply after the closing date you are far less likely to get a place at one of your preferred schools.
  • If you are moving house during the application process please read the Information for Parents booklet for advice.
Applications close on Tuesday 31 October 2017.

Offer dates

If you apply online we will email you on Thursday 1 March 2018. Emails will be sent throughout the day so we can't give you an exact time.
If you apply by post we will send your offer by second class post on Thursday 1 March 2018.
We are unable to give out information over the phone.
If you have not heard from us contact Pupil Admissions.

What happens next

If you are happy with the school place offer you do not need to do anything else.
If you are not happy with the offer, find out how to appeal and join a waiting list for a school place.