Safer Parking Campaign - January 2017

The School Council have taken part in a safer parking campaign with NSL Parking, Sussex Safer Communities, Adur & Worthing Council, Neighbourhood Watch and Sussex Police.
The school was chosen because of the issues with safe parking outside the school, in a built up urban area.  The School Council have a message for all drivers, “Please park safely around our school!"

Guidance for parents driving children to and from school

1. Park in a safe location in line with local parking restrictions for that area.

2. You can stop on single/double yellow lines for a short time to allow passengers to exit or enter your vehicle. However, DO NOT stop directly outside a school or opposite the school keep clear zigzags.

3. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do you stop, park, on the school keep clear markings to drop off or pick up passengers.

Failure to follow the above guidelines can result in a Penalty Charge Notice issued by a Civil Enforcement Officer and/or a police report in the form of Operation Crackdown reports. These are completed by CEOs; teachers, crossing patrols, in fact anyone. So, if you choose to be the one who puts a child’s safety at risk...