Comments about Heene

SPORTS FOR SCHOOLS - Friday 6th October 2017
Amy Smith - former GB Olympic and Commonwealth swimmer promoted the event with Joe, her colleague from Sports for Schools. All children in the school participated and as a school we raised ££££ to spend on further sports equipment for the school.

'You're more than welcome for the visit, Joe and I both really enjoyed working with everyone and we were very impressed with how hard everyone worked and how energetic you all were.'!

We would like to thank everyone for their participation in the author event with Chae Strathie at Worthing Library on Monday 8th May.  We thought the children were impeccably behaved and a credit to the school. It was a delight to share the author event with them. We trust they enjoyed the performance by Chae Strathie, we certainly enjoyed his creative mixture of stories, songs and puppets!

 Kind regards Frances and the Schools Library Service team.

HAPPY HEARTS - March 2017

Year 1 have participated in a series of workshops run by Tammy Wain.  Tammy recently emailed Mrs MacGovern who is very proud to receive these comments:

‘I just wanted to write and tell you how amazing the staff have been in this terms Happy Hearts programme.

 I have run the programme for 5 years now and I have never had such a good return rate for homework tasks (1 class was 100% for both tasks!!) and I have never had such buy-in from teachers.

 The displays they have put together are absolutely fantastic and their energy in my lessons mean the children's engagement has been brilliant.

 You really do have some great staff, the children are very lucky! I look forward to working with your school in the future.’


'How well behaved your children are, they were really quiet and it was a pleasure to have them in the gardens. Most groups that come are very loud and I don't often get to work in peace.'

FORMER PARENT - February 2017
'We would like to thank you and all your staff for your ongoing support you gave in helping us and our child. We have been especially grateful to the staff that have taken care of her when contact was cancelled without any notification which unfortunately, was on a regular basis.'

'You have a lovely school, where she felt safe and really enjoyed coming.'

'Once again, thank you for all your support in her wellbeing.'

'Children showed pride in their books and could navigate to pieces of work.'

'Children felt that they were challenged and that there was always something else for them to do.'

Vision and High expectations - 'There is a culture of high expectations in the school. All leaders recognise the important of collegial working and the promotion of an ethos that values everyone.'

'The Headteacher is providing clear leadership and driving the school forward. She is well supported by an effective deputy.'

There is a commendable range of interventions that are reviewed regularly, adjusted and these are clearly making an impact on the performance of vulnerable pupils. Pupil progress meetings for all pupils are established and making a real impact on identifying individual needs and ensuring that progress is made.'

'Can I once again say that all your students behaved wonderfully and asked so many interesting questions that it was a real pleasure to visit them.'

'I'm looking forward to coming to Heene Primary again.'

PARENTS COMMENTS ON TAPESTRY AFTER EYFS Nativity Performance - December 2016
'They all were wonderful! Well done to all the teachers for bringing it together.'

'Lovely for me (grandparent in Australia), to see these lovely photos. Thank you. I am proud of my girl and her friends.'

'Great nativity, great costumes. Well done children and staff, I loved it!'

'Well done Mrs Hill, all the children and staff for such a heart warming performance.'

'Brilliant nativity, the children were wonderful. Well done to all the teachers for making it happen.'

EYFS VISIT TO WORTHING LIBRARY - Wednesday 16th November
'Thankyou for bringing the Ladybirds and Butterflies along to the library this morning.

They were delightful.'
'Please do thank all the children for being so enthusiastic and good.' (Librarians at Worthing Library).

'The children are a credit to your school. They sat and listened to the prayers quietly and respectfully;
I am very impressed. It is a pleasure having them here.' (Chaplain at Chichester Cathedral).

'I am very impressed with the behaviour of your children. They are polite and friendly.'
(Member of the public on the train).

'Ellie-May has had the most wonderful time at Heene. She has had fabulous teachers in a kind nurturing environment. She would happily stay forever!'

'I really liked Heene and it's a LOVELY school! I don't want to leave Heene!!!'

Lola has always loved going to Heene school, 'I've had a wonderful time at Heene.'

'I know Alex will miss everyone at Heene. He has had a wonderful four years. Thank you!'

'I've had an absolutely fabulous time at Heene, I've learnt loads and enjoyed every second of it. I will always remember every member of staff in the school.'

'I have had fun, Thank you.'

'We will continue with the work you have started and thankyou for the great start she has had.'

'I've had a wonderful time at Heene, I love my report and what I learnt.'

 'The nurturing ethos of the school creates an inclusive environment in which children thrive because they are well supported and cherished'

'Children feel safe, secure, exhibit excellent behaviour and work co-operatively'

'Parents value the approachability and visibility of staff. They praise the staff for their compassion and willingness to go that extra mile for their children.'

One parent said 'Heene is a supportive, nurturing environment for all children. The school has done a great job in bringing my children both an educational education, and a spiritual one too.'